Bridging physical and digital worlds to transform how we consume and experience data

The explosion of IoT devices and data has created a new wave of challenges for companies to effectively capture, analyze, and manage data in ways their organizations can act upon. Spatial Intelligence Systems address this challenge by bridging the physical and digital worlds to actualize data with context and relevance of the real world. Data that can be simply viewed and inherently understood, so organizations can take more effective actions more quickly.

Virtual Command Centers

From Big Screens to Virtual Screens

contXtual creates Virtual Command Centers that provide full situational awareness and instant-on communication to quickly assess the situation, align critical resources and act in a coordinated and more efficient manner.

Virtual Command Center

Physical Security

Be everywhere at once.

Instantly view, communicate and manage conditions in any environment from any location. Provides an unparalleled level of situational awareness.

Remote Diagnostics

Troubleshooting from anywhere in the world.

Dynamically connect individuals from any location and teleport into any environment together. Intelligently map all critical sensor and devices data into the environment, so teams can collaborate more effectively to diagnose and repair mission critical assets from anywhere.

Remote Diagnostics
Fleet Management

Asset/Fleet Management

See and manage any asset in the field in real-time. Track, record, compare routes, average time, fleet utilization. Simply and intuitively access data directly from any connected asset.

Logistics & Process Optimization

Manufacturers needing to maximize ROI from IoT and related technology investments can visualize their manufacturing operations or supply chain systems with critical IoT and sensor data, in conjunction with ERP data to more effectively visualize, understand and optimize manufacturing operations.


Digital Health

Healthcare professional can utilize highly accurate and immersive Digital Twins of the human body, brain or organ systems in connection with patient data to better contextualize information to uncover new insights, improve clinical diagnosis and enhance patient understanding.