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To help you understand the needs and conditions of emerging trends affecting transition into the 4th Wave.

Getting Started

Helping business understand the needs and conditions of emerging trends affecting transition into the 4th Wave.

Most organization don’t see or understand how to effectively integrate emerging technologies that affect how business performs. They fail to recognize the technology or expertise required to make changes in their own organizations… that is until it’s too late. We guide business solutions that create real tangible business impact. Today.

Collectively we have over 60 years of experience working in 3D application development, strategy and design. As product developers and marketers ourselves, we have a long and proven history of successfully shipping and servicing product on the bleeding edge of technology. We understand, communicate, and integrate with teams at any level. We understand the industry and offer deep insights to our clients how to integrate emerging technologies to transform how they operate.”

Where we can help

Our Advisory Services help you navigate the complexities of this emerging technology to make sense of the world and identify practical ways that you can deploy the technology today to improve business performance and gain competitive advantage. We help clients with a range of services to get them started on their journey, including:

Augmented and Virtual Reality 101: How do they work, what are the differences between the two technologies and what are the best applications for each technology to transform how you conduct business

  • Understanding the hardware and software landscape and how to identify the right tools for the project
  • Sharing enterprise best practices and case studies
  • Identifying internal Pilot Projects to test AR and VR
  • Defining optimal Use Cases to maximize business impact and time to market
  • Developing a strategic roadmap to implement AR and VR solutions