We understand data is multidimensional. It’s complex, often messy, leading companies to hire analysts who mine data searching for anything meaningful and actionable. Today’s methods of business intelligence and data management (spreadsheets, charts & BI dashboards) are simply insufficient to manage today’s data-reality at the pace organizations really need. The lack of modern data visualization tools means Business today does not act with a collective understanding or perspective around what’s actually happening within their organizations.


Our Story

At contXtual, we don’t see or manage data as isolated numbers, or abstract charts buried under menus on a screen. Instead, we see connected data placed in context of a real environment – a fully interactive 3D Digital Twin with the freedom to move around and collaborate with others in real-time.
Collectively, the products we have created in gaming , computer vision, and media have reached hundreds of millions of users world-wide. They have generated billions in revenue and garnered numerous awards. As proud as we are of these accomplishments, we are more excited looking forward, delivering new revolutionary Enterprise products and services for our clients.
Building a new generation of human-centric systems that connect people and business
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All of us grew up playing video games. It was only natural that we transitioned into careers developing the technology that we inspired us. Along the way we have learned that developing 3D applications requires unique skill sets. Skills very few companies serving the Enterprise market possess or even understand. contXtual has the necessary DNA and expertise in 3D application development to create world class immersive experiences for Enterprise.

contXtual has deep experience building and deploying 3D applications serving millions globally. From massive open-world games and online virtual worlds, to mobile, PC and console platforms. We have the tools and pipelines that allow us to deliver services at scale in real-time.

Leveraging years of 3D know-how, we are creating a proprietary visualization platform. A leading-edge software technology, with large scale simulation systems and a graphics capable platform that Hollywood would covet, but directly targeted to serve Enterprise’s most critical data challenges.


The vision for contXtual was bred from our understanding of 3 market fundamentals:

Transition to Industry 4.0 (the 4th Wave)
The Human Machine Interface is undergoing a revolutionary transition into 3D. Emerging Virtual/Augmented Reality (XR) displays and Computer Vision represents a fundamental change in computing. Specifically, the blending of our digital and physical world, creating entirely new pathways to display, and interact with our digital reality.

Information is not Discovery
All the information in the world won’t deliver actionable insights if you can’t understand it. Ineffective data visualization is the bottleneck between information and discovery that leads to poor decisions. The critical challenge facing us in this 4th Wave is how to manage and comprehend the ever-increasing amount of data.

Tools required to propel Enterprise forward
The traditional tools in Enterprise – spreadsheets, charts and BI dashboards are insufficient to manage the data reality. Computer vision and mixed reality technologies have the power to fundamentally change how we visualize and engage with data, yet there are no enterprise-level solutions to address this opportunity.

contXtual’s pioneering Spatial Intelligence Systems will lead Enterprise into the 4th Wave enabling organizations with new levels of clarity and insights needed to propel growth.
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Guiding Principals



Always be transparent, respectful, and thoughtful in all our actions.



Actively building partnerships internally and externally to achieve positive change.



Driven by curiosity and continuous learning – mixing ideas to embrace wonder.



Supporting our team to be bold and thoughtful, to lead others to the right solutions.



Consistently deliver high – quality products , exceeding expectations that make a difference.

Our Team

More than a great idea, great teams make great products.

In development, your best advantage is your people, and it pays to invest the time and effort to build great teams. At contXtual we are endlessly curious and obsessed with building transformative experiences for our clients.

Big or small, great ideas are everywhere, and contXtual supports a culture that provides outlets for innovation and the proven talent to execute Vision into great products.